We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.

 "This is the best idea!! It’s called exchange for change. You exchange a 1st world pleasure for something that costs less and then donate the difference. A little bit of money goes a looooong way in Chad. So for our date night we went to Costco for samples and pizza and donated what we would have spent on a dinner out. If you want to join in please do!!! It’s not much effort and makes a big difference. go to their web sight to donate!! #educatedrefugeewww.educatedrefugee.org"

Take a look at these examples!

"Happy December 1st! I’m SO excited to Light the World! We’re going to start our Christmas season off by dining In instead of Out to help fund a school in Chad for the Exchange To Change challenge for the Educated Refugee Foundation. For more information go to http://www.educatedrefugee.org/exchange-to-change.html."