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We have chosen to collaborate with Jesuit Refugee Service because their beliefs regarding the importance of education for refugees closely match our own.




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These are the words that are the driving force behind Educated Refugee Foundation.  

Educated Refugee Foundation supports two programs that are being implemented in refugee camps in the forgotten country of Chad.  The objectives of both programs are to educate and re-humanize a population who have been mistreated, abused, forced from their homes and in many ways de-humanized.  These programs teach children and adults standard school subject matters, but also incorporate important leadership principles and practices. The lofty hope is that a future African leader will emerge from this program, ready to lead in a way that could transform their country.  Perhaps it's too late to change the current generation, but now is the time to prepare the next generation for a brighter future.

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Photos Courtesy of Jesuit Refugee Service

Educated Refugee Foundation has chosen to collaborate with JRS because their beliefs regarding the importance of education for refugee people closely match our own. JRS has two specific educational programs in Chad that ERF will be supporting.

Jesuit Refugee Services is a Catholic organization that has programs in dozens of countries across the globe. They work with forcibly displaced persons to assist in areas such as education, healthcare, and social services. For more information about JRS, please visit their website.  http://jrsusa.org/

Our secondary purpose is to increase the number of young children attending beginning school in refugee camps in Chad. We will do this by allocating funds to a program JRS has established. This program works with families, and specifically mothers, to build a second shelter to the side of the family’s existing shelter where a beginning school will be held. Up to thirty 3-6 year olds will attend this school where a mother will instruct them in the beginning principles of education. An additional benefit to this is that the shelter is provided with a kitchen unit where the family will offer these young children a full meal once a day. Giving children the opportunity to begin school at a young age lays a foundation for the ideas of the value of education and the importance of attending school.

Educated Refugee Foundation feels that these two programs are extremely valuable to the refugee community in Chad. Thank you for joining us in assisting and sustaining the institutions that offer hope and help to those whose lives depend on the compassion and benevolence of others.​

Local events

We hope that by joining together as a community we can engage people of all ages to make a difference in the life of refugees.  We plan on changing lives AND having a lot of fun!

mission & vision

We recognize that we cannot change the world, but by providing refugees with education we can change one life, one family, one community, and for us, that’s enough.


​​​We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.


First, Educated Refugee Foundation will work with JRS to provide funds for a teacher scholarship in the African country of Chad, where many refugees have gone to escape the violence and genocide in Sudan. JRS has provided means for many refugees to attend a teacher college within the country of Chad, and given them an opportunity to obtain a teaching certificate. The student then has the option to either work as a teacher within Chad, or return to the refugee camps to teach. This gives the children there the possibility for a quality education under the supervision of a certified teacher. The men, women, and children fleeing Sudan come with little or no personal belongings, and little hope for a brighter future. By helping to sustain a tertiary education program we believe that we will not only impart hope to individuals and families, but also enhance entire communities.