​​​We can't change the world, but we can change theirs.

Kasey Pearce

Chairman of the Board

Race Director
I am a full time mechanical engineer, a dad of 4 wonderful kiddos, and I am happiest when I travel with my wife and get into nature with my family. 

It is not okay that millions of kids like mine will not have an opportunity to provide a future for themselves or their family.  It is not okay that every minutes, 20 people are displaced from their homes.  It is not okay that this horrible in-equality exists in our world, and yet we continue to live materialistic lifestyles.  I believe in the power of AND.  We can provide happiness for our families AND do drastically more as a society to empower these wonderful people that simply need an opportunity to grow where they are planted.  


After listening to a TED talk given by Melissa Fleming from the UNHCR, our world was forever changed.  We realized that we needed to do something more, something bigger than ourselves. A beautiful young woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo stepped into our lives as our new foster daughter. Her future was very bleak as a refugee, but with a great team and support system she has found hope.  There are millions like her that dream of a future where they can thrive, not just survive.  

Our beginnings

Support Team

Vince Wilson - Legal Representative​

Reed Belliston - Accountant

Jon Ruedas

Vice President

Marketing Director

Having lived in impoverished countries and having seen first hand the difficulties and struggles that come from challenging circumstances, I've come to appreciate the importance of receiving a good education.  I've been very blessed and fortunate in my life and feel this is a great opportunity to give back and change someones world through education. 

our leadership team

Katie Pearce


Education has always been a top priority in my life. Having two children while making my way though college was one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but it was also one of the most rewarding. I did it because I knew the power of education. I am convinced that education is the key to changing and reshaping nations as well as individual lives. I feel an obligation to pass that gift along to those who need it most.

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this is where it all began

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Three years ago a terrified young refugee girl stepped off a plane and into the lives of the founders of Educated Refugee Foundation.  Seven months later, she delivered a beautiful baby girl.  The founders of Educated Refugee Foundation, Kasey and Katie Pearce, understand the power behind an idea, but only if that idea becomes an action. They saw the way education began to transform this young woman’s life.  Educated Refugee Foundation was formed with the desire to give other young people who are still stuck in refugee camps around the world this same opportunity for change and hope through education.